B Minor Harmonic Piano Scale

Learn How To Play The B Minor Harmonic Scale On Piano!

Today I'm going to talk about the B Minor Harmonic Scale. The notes you will be playing for this scale are B, C sharp, D, E, F sharp, G, A sharp, and B. Get the notes in your head and move on the the next paragraph to start learning the fingering.

The B Minor harmonic in the right hand starts of with the thumb on the B. When you get to the D with your third finger, bring your thumb under to hit the E. Follow the rest of the scale finger by finger and you should end up on the final B with your pinky finger. Coming back dow the scale is the reverse, bring your third finger over your thumb after the thumb gets to the E.

Start with the fourth finger of the left hand on the B. Your thumb will reach the E, at which time you bring your fourth finger over to hit the F sharp and continue up the scale. You will finish with your thumb on the final B. Coming back down, wait until your fourth finger hits the F sharp again, then cross your thumb under and complete the scale.

We are a few scales in now, if you have learned some of the the others then hopefully you are starting to develop a good feel for the way the scales sound compared to one another. Remember to continue practicing all of the other piano scales that you have learned.

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