C Blues Piano Scale

Learn How To Play The C Blues Scale On Piano!

Today I'm going to teach you the C Blues Scale. The notes of the scale are C, E flat, F, G flat, G, B flat, and back to C. Now lets take a look at the fingering.

Starting with your right thumb, hit the C and continue up the scale until your fourth finger hits the G flat. Bring your thumb under and continue up the scale until you finish with your third finger on the C. Coming back down, when your thumb gets to the G, cross your fourth finger over to hit the G flat and continue back down the scale.

The left hand starts with the third finger on the C. When your thumb hits the F note, bring your fourth finger over and finish out the scale. On the way back down your thumb will come to the F again. When it does, cross over with your fourth finger and continue down.

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