C Sharp Minor Melodic Scale

Learn How To Play The C# Minor Melodic Scale On Piano!

Today we are focusing on the C Sharp Minor Melodic Scale. Like the other melodic scales that you have learned, this one has different notes on the way down than it does on the way up. The notes for the upswing are C sharp, D sharp, E, F sharp, G sharp, A sharp, B sharp, then back to C sharp. Coming down from that second C sharp you go to the B, A, G sharp, F sharp, E, D sharp, and end on the first C sharp.

The fingering for the right hand starts on the C sharp with the second finger. When the third finger hits the D sharp, the thumb comes under to hit the E. Continue up the scale until your fourth finger gets to the A sharp, then bring your thumb under to hit the B sharp. From there, use your third finger to hit the C sharp. On the way back down, use your second finger to get the B. After your thumb hits the A, bring your third finger over to get the G sharp. Bring your third finger over one more time when your thumb gets to the E, then finish the scale.

Your left hand is going to start with the third finger on the C sharp. When your thumb gets to the E, bring your fourth finger over to hit the F sharp. Your thumb will land on the B sharp as you continue up the scale. Bring your second finger over to hit the C sharp. The way back down is the opposite, except you are going to hit the B and the A instead of the B sharp and the A sharp.

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