E Flat Minor Harmonic Piano Scale

Learn How To Play The E Flat Minor Harmonic Scale On The Piano!

The E Flat Minor Harmonic scale is next. The notes of the scale are E flat, F, G flat, A flat, B flat, B, D, and finally the E flat octave. Keep reading to learn the proper fingering for the scale.

Starting with the second finger of the right hand, hit the E flat. Bring the thumb under to hit the F, then hit the G flat with the second finger. Continue playing until you get to the B flat, then cross your thumb under to hit the B natural. Finish off the scale finger by finger until your third finger lands on the E flat octave. Come down the same way.

The left hand starts with the second finger as well. Now hit the F with your thumb and cross the fourth finger over to hit the G flat. The thumb will land on the B, at which point you cross the third finger over to hit the D and finish the the second finger on the E flat. Come back down the same way you went up, in reverse.

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