F Sharp Major Piano Scale

Learn How To Play The F Sharp Major Scale On The Piano!

Today we are going to learn a scale that can be called by two names. It is the F sharp major scale. It can also be called the G flat major scale. The notes are exactly the same regardless of which name you use for it, they just have different names. Let's take a look at the notes now. The F sharp major scale notes are F#, G#, A#, B, C#, D#, E# and back to the F#. If we call it the G flat major scale, then the notes are G flat, A flat, B flat, C flat, D flat, F, and back to the G flat.

Let's take a look at the fingering. For convenience purposes I am only going to call the notes by their F sharp major scale names. Start with the second finger on the F#. When the third finger gets to the A#, cross the thumb under to hit the B. Finish the scale out with your pinky on the F#. Reverse the process coming down.

The left hand starts off with the fourth finger on the F#. When you get to the thumb, cross the third finger over to the C#. When the thumb gets to the E# cross the second finger over to finish the scale on the F#. Do the opposite coming back down.

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