B Flat Major Piano Scale

Learn How To Play The B Flat Major Scale On Piano!

Now it is time to learn the B Flat Major scale. The notes of this scale are B flat, C, D, E flat, F, G, A, and back to B flat. Let me show you the fingering and you can get to practicing.

Starting with the second finger of the right hand, hit the B flat. Immediately bring your thumb under to hit the C. Follow that up by hitting the D with your second finger and the E flat with your third finger. Cross your thumb under again to hit the F then finish the scale, hitting the final B flat with your fourth finger. On the way back down reverse the process.

The hand hand fingering for the B Flat Major scale starts on the B flat with the third finger. From there walk up the scale until your thumb hits the D and cross over with your fourth finger to hit the E flat. Your thumb will come to the A and you will cross over again and hit the final B flat with your second finger. Come back down with the thumb on the A key and work your way back down the scale using the same fingering you walked up with.

Next you can practice the A Major Piano Scale .