D Blues Scale on Piano

Learn How To Play The D Blues Scale On The Piano!

Today were are going over the D Blues Scale. This scale is made up of the notes D, F, G, G sharp, A, C, and D. Keep reading and I'll tell you the fingering for the scale.

The right hand begins the scale with its thumb on the D. Walk your way up the scale until your fourth finger gets to the G sharp. Now bring your thumb under to hit the A and continue up the scale. You will finish with your third finger on the D. Reverse the process coming down.

The left hand starts off with the third finger on the D. The thumb will land on the G, at which point you will cross your fourth finger over to hit the G sharp. The scale will finish with your thumb on the D. From there walk back down the scale.

I haven't been saying it at the end of every lesson, but make sure you practice the scales using both hands at the same time, like I do in the video. Doing so will really help to develop your left and right hand independence.

For the next lesson, you can practice the D Flat Blues Scale .