E Flat Blues Scale on Piano

Learn How To Play The Eb Blues Scale On The Piano!

Now I want to show you the E Flat Blues scale. The notes of this scale are E flat, G flat, A flat, A, B flat, D flat, and back to E flat. Let's take a look at the fingering for the scale. This scale is easy to learn because the fingers hit the black keys and the thumb hits the white keys.

First, with the second finger of the right hand on the E flat play until the thumb gets to the first white key in the scale, the A natural. Then hit the next black note in the scale, B flat, with your second finger and finish the scale with your fourth finger on the E flat. Come down the same way.

The left hand has the same benefit. Hit the E flat with your fourth finger. Play until your thumb hits the A natural. Now bring your fourth finger over and finish off the last three black keys of the scale.

This scale is a great scale to play really fast because the layout of the fingering makes it so easy to play.

The next scale I recommend is the E Major Scale .