F Sharp Blues Piano Scale

Learn How To Play The F Sharp Blues Scale On The Piano!

Now we are going to talk about the F sharp blues scale. Let's start by taking a look at the notes that make up the scale. They are F#, A, B, C, C#, E, and back to the F#. Now let's take a few minutes to look at the fingering that is used for this scale.

On the right hand, start with the second finger on the F#. From there, cross your thumb under to hit the A. Now continue down the scale until your fourth finger hits the C#, then cross your thumb under again and finish the scale with your second finger on the F#. Reverse the process to walk back down the scale.

The left hand fingering starts with the fourth finger on the F#. Walk up the scale until the thumb hits the C. Now cross your second finger over to hit the C#. Cross your second finger over the thumb again to hit the F#. Come back down using the same method.

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