Intro To Piano Ear Training

Beginner Lessons

Use This Piano Lesson To Work On Your Ear For The Piano!

In this series of lessons, I'm going to talk to you about playing by ear, and give you tips and tricks and go over the basics of training your ear. I hope to shorten the distance between hearing something in your head, and translating that to the piano keyboard. You may think you are tone deaf, but if you can hear an interval going up or down then you aren't tone def. You just don't have an understanding of intervals and how notes go together.

I'm going to go through things like intervals, and understanding how chords move together. I'm going to teach you a bit about understanding scales, and learning how to listen. It's all about understanding the keyboard as a visual representation of what you are hearing in your head. So, that’s what we will be going through as you view the next few videos. Let's get started!

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