A Flat Major Piano Scale

Intermediate Lessons

Learn How To Play The A Flat Major Scale On Piano!

Today I want to teach you to play the A Flat Minor scale. Let's start with the notes of the scale before moving on to the fingering. The notes of the A Flat Minor scale are A flat, B flat, C, D flat, E flat, F, G, and back to A flat.

When fingering the scale in the right hand, start with your second finger (index finger) on the A flat followed by the third finger to B flat. From there, move your thumb under and use it to hit the C key. Use the second and third fingers for D flat and E flat, respectively. Bring your thumb under once again to hit the F. You can now finish the upward portion of the scale by hitting the G and A flat with your second and third fingers. Coming down is the opposite.

For the left finger you are going to want to start the scale with your third finger on A flat. Using your fifth finger and your thumb, hit the B flat and C notes. With your thumb on the C note, cross your fourth finger over to the D flat. Play the next notes in order, finger after finger, until your thumb lands on the G. From there simply cross your index finger over to hit the final Aflat. Coming back is just the opposite.

Practice this scale over and over until you feel comfortable not only with playing it, but with knowing the notes that you are hitting and where you are on the keyboard. After you feel you've got it down, come on back. I've got lots more scales to show you. Click here for a complete list of piano scales .