B Blues Piano Scale

Learn How To Play The B Blues Scale On The Piano!

Now we are going to talk about the B Blues scales. The blues scales are really fun to learn, because if you are playing a blues song it sounds really good to just throw in a blues scale walk here and there. The notes that make up the blues scale are B, D, E, F, F# A, and B. Let's go over the fingering.

Start with the thumb of your right hand on the B key and when you get to the E key, bring your thumb under to hit the F key. Work your way up the scale with your fourth finger hitting the final B. As you come back down, cross your third finger over to hit the E after your thumb gets back to the F.

The left hand fingering uses the fourth finger on the B and continues up until the thumb hits the F. From there, cross your third finger over to this the F sharp. You will finish the scale with your thumb on the final B. Continue back down the scale using the same fingering, in reverse.

You can also try out the C Blues Scale or D Blues Scale for another challenge!