C Sharp Major Piano Scale

Learn How To Play The C# Major Scale On Piano!

Today I want to talk about the C Sharp Major Scale. First I'll give you the note of the scale, then I'll give you the proper fingering for those notes. The notes of the C Sharp Major Scale are C sharp, D sharp, E sharp, F sharp, G sharp, A sharp, B Sharp, and back to C sharp.

Since C sharp can also be called D flat, I'm going to give you the names of the notes in the D flat scale. Keep in mind that they are the same notes as the C sharp scale, but with different names. They are D flat, E flat, F, G flat, A flat, B flat, C, and back to D flat.

Start the right hand fingering of the scale with your second finger on the C sharp. When your fourth finger hits the E sharp, bring your thumb under to hit the F sharp. Finish the upward climb of the scale with your little finger on C sharp. To come back down, reverse the process.

The left hand fingering starts with the third finger on the C sharp. When your thumb hits the E sharp, bring your fourth finger over to hit the G sharp. Your thumb will come to the B sharp note. When it does bring your second finger over to finish the climb on the C sharp. Walk back down the scale the same way you walked up it.

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