A Minor Melodic Piano Scale

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Learn How To Play The A Minor Melodic Scale On Piano!

Now I am going to talk about the A Minor melodic view. Like the A Flat Minor melodic scale, this scale has different note as at descends than it does as it ascends. Going up the scale the notes are A, B, C, D, E, F sharp, G sharp, back to A. As the scale comes back down it goes to G, F E, D, C B, A. Now I'm going to give you the proper fingering for the scale.

Start going up the scale with your right hand by hitting the A key with your thumb. When your third finger gets to the C, move your thumb under and use it to hit the D key. Continue up the scale finger by finger until you end up on the A key with your little finger. Come back down the same way, when your thumb gets to the D key, bring your third finger over to hit the C key and then finish out the scale.

For the left hand fingering, start the scale with your pinky on the A key. Play the notes finger by finger until your thumb hits the E key. To continue the scale, move your third finger over to hit the f sharp and play until you finish with your thumb on the A. Walking back down the scale follows the same procedure, but be sure to remember the changes in the notes. Hit the G with your second finger and the F with your third. Cross you thumb under to hit the E key, then continue on until you arrive back at the A with your little finger.

This is another scale that might take a little more practice to get used to because of the added notes. It's easy to lock yourself into symmetrical playing and forget to change up the notes on the way down. Once you have the scale committed to memory come on back and continue on to my next scale lesson. As always keep all of the piano scales as part of your regular practice routine.

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