A Flat Minor Harmonic Piano Scale

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Learn How To Play The A Flat Minor Harmonic Scale On Piano!

Today we are going to play the A Flat Minor harmonic. Let's start by learning the notes of the scale. The scale starts on A flat, then moves to B flat, B, D flat, E flat, E, G, then finishes on A flat. Now let's take a look at the fingering.

With the second finger of your right hand hit the A flat. After hitting the B flat with your third finger, move your thumb under to hit the B. Repeat that pattern, hitting the D flat with your second finger, the E flat with your third finger, and bring your thumb under to E. Start the pattern again, this time finishing the scale with your third finger on the A flat. Come back down the exact opposite of the way you went up.

On the left hand, start the scale with the third finger on A flat. When your thumb gets to the B, move your fourth finger over to the D flat. Play the fingers in order until your thumb hits the G, then finish the upward path by hitting the A flat with your second finger. Come back down by hitting the G with your thumb. From there do the opposite of what you did on the way up, when your fourth finger hits the D, move your thumb under to the B and finish the scale from there.

As always, practice this scale until you are comfortable playing it, them make it a regular part of your practice regime. Be sure to come back and view my other piano scale lessons .