A Minor Harmonic Piano Scale

Advanced Lessons

Learn How To Play The A Minor Harmonic Scale On Piano!

Let's take a look at the A Minor harmonic scale now. The notes that make up the scale are A, B, C, D, E, F, G#, and back to A. To finger this scale with your right hand, start with the thumb on the A and play the B and C with your second and third fingers. Now bring your thumb under to D and continue playing until your little finger hits the A. To come back down the scale, do the opposite. Play backwards until your thumb hits the D, then move your third finger over to the C and continue until your thumb lands back on the A.

The left hand fingering starts with the pinky on the A. Work your way up the scale until your thumb hits the E key. Bring your third finger over to the F key and and play until your thumb lands on the A key. Coming down, do the exact same thing in reverse. Your thumb will come under your fourth finger when it gets to the F key to hit the E key and you will finish with your pinky on the A.

As always, practice this scale until you've got it down. You've almost worked your way through all of the scales in the key of A! Keep up the good work, these scales are really important to your growth as a musician.

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